The Wedding Alchemist

The Wedding Alchemist works with couples of all budgets who don’t want an overly traditional wedding day.

In a lot of ways, what she does is very similar to my work: she listens to the needs of her clients and suggests a unique visual style to make their big day stand out from the crowd. She’s worked with couples who’ve had Victorian Gothic Weddings, Rockabilly Weddings and even a couple who had a wrestling/space/rubber-duck/autumn mash-up style wedding in the National Space Center.

It’s not too hard then, to see just how eclectic her audience is.

The Brief.

Much like the mythical practice of alchemy – Caz specialises in turning a little into a lot, with small budgets and simple materials she can transform wedding venues into something truly unique and special, challenging the opulence and grandeur of much larger budgets.

The Logo needed to capture the mysticism of Alchemy, and retain a strong, professional presence that wouldn’t drown out her work.

The Process.

After getting started by looking at castle livery, and sword-in-the-stone-esque banners and wizardry – I began to draw inspiration from Alchemical symbolism.

Researching Alchemy Symbols
Sketching Initial Ideas
Fleshing Out Early Concepts

To keep things clean, I concentrated on the simpler alchemy symbols:

The tringle that represents Fire (for the passion in her work)
A circle used to represent Gold or the Sun (for the brilliance of a wedding ring)

The linework is kept geometric and clean and the colours simple, to allow focus on the name. Finally, subtle gleaming lines follow the diamond and the triangle to draw your eye to where the symbols cross, where the alchemy happens:

Proudly displayed on a website, a uniform and recently a small studio space, I like to think this logo plays its own little part in the continuing success of The Wedding Alchemist.

The Logo

The Website.

The Wedding Alchemist Website is built on the self-building platform Squarespace. The end result is simple and uncluttered and the client can easily update the site with minimal effort.